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INSTAPETCLICKS: Social media Marketing

high performance marketing

Centralized strategy and local execution for pet and veterinary clinics.

InstaPetClicks by Vetcelerator automates social media advertising by creating custom campaigns for each store and product using advanced technology. Our system collects data from brand websites, including locations, creative assets, and brand standards, to design tailored carousel, image, and video ads.


How it works


We regularly update your site with relevant content to boost your organic search growth.


We post regularly on social media, aligning with the AVMA calendar to keep content fresh and relevant.

Why Is Hyper-Targeting So Effective?

Hyper-targeting allows pet and vet companies to maximize digital advertising by focusing on specific audiences. Unlike broad TV ads, platforms like Facebook let us target pet owners based on interests and location. This precision reduces competition and costs, while ads resonate more with the audience, leading to a response rate two to five times higher than general ads.
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All Paws Animal Hospital

This team is really in tune with our practice needs, and really have our best interest at hand when it comes to our bottom line. We really appreciate all their efforts form John’s team in Marketing, Drew in Sales, Lynn’s help with reports, and Mason’s expertise on new hire.

4.3 Rating

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